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 The carton of Nova 4 by Huawei ensures for the finest mid-range flagship smartphone. It has a high-speed processor for swift acts and an unswerving camera arrangement. This Huawei’s sub-branded phone is well working with trendy punch-hole display and great outcomes. Huawei is offering week after week exclusive devices with extraordinary features as the punch-hole-display that has drained away from the controversial notch.


Our previously mentioned a lot about Samsung’s Infinity-O display seep outs and submitted on various web-pages. At the time the Huawei’s Nova 4, and Honor’s flagship the ‘View 20’ has been seen the punch-hole displays in use, and how long this ground-breaking implementation would work.

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Only by ignoring the display segment resembling to Nova 3, each and everything is newly designed; the Nova 4 holds on to the similar battery faculty and also the processor equal to the predecessor put to the Nova 3, although it is containing the more bundle further in RAM now and a fine  so-so triple camera complex. It’s a pure mid-range device from all phases and will appeal to those who want high-end featured mobile with no contravention of the hard-earned money.

Huawei’s official announcements about the Nova 4 has fallen for the Middle East states, the mid-price-ranged smartphone dropped with a 25MP selfie cam wet-thrust through the pinhole-like a punch in the display panel. Other features contain a 6.4inches LCD and a Kirin 970 chip coupled to the 8GB of RAM, and 128GB ROM storage and in energy house, it keeps 3,750mAh battery. The Nova 4 price at …..and its in UAE addition offerings adds in two colors as Black and Crush Blue. Pre-orders are on-board from Feb 8, 2019. Same as already told the phone will be striking trade markets near the Feb 14.


Design and display

Huawei usually has its own designs and no change takes place without series requirements as the same law is applied on this hand on Nova 4’s phone designs which resemble Nova 3. Over to the Nova 4, with none of the hesitations that the Nova 4 is Huawei phone. It has received curved edges with a glass back, and glass front which is making it looks premium and handholding the comfortable one, and a sleek metal structure approximates the body.

There is a fingerprint sensor which is mounted on rear and the most well-known camera collide within a whole, even that the Huawei made available its own case in the box to cover.

There, what the majority of glass phones do, the Nova 4 seizes the fingerprints and smear to each-every with ease involves the customary swabs. In spite of that the rear being dressed via glass, the phone has no support for the wireless charging which supplies an edge of disappointment to the Nova 4.


 The colorful Crush Blue version of Nova 4 has got the autograph to Huawei’s pitch finishes that turns from blue to purple and creates great esthetics seen. You find also incredibly more modest one and the sleek with Black terminate. It obtains a comfortable in-hand experience although being a tad dicey and is some light weighted at only 172g.


Our review feathers flipper over the display, a Full HD screen, 6.4inches LCD providing FullView of display that taking just 86% on the front for the screen to body ratio. Including the very thin bezels on the side-area, excluding a tad-wide on the chin bezels, and the crooks are gracefully curved off. It will deliver an overall shine color delivering screen with a great content viewing experience on.

The conspicuous cutout in the display panel, wherever the selfie camera exists in to take a great deal of less time for the obtaining used to give the notch an identical reward, but you have to illustrate the eye over it. The in the region and the out of- the circle region of the cutout is a little pitch-black which transports the impact of design profiles. Following the needs, after on a minor hours use, the pine-like punch hole undergoes a loathsome warning image, surely being ignored.


It’s not pushy of watching movies on the Nova 4 that block the total area of the display, except incredible significant is leaving in that fussy turn of the screen, and you have to zoom out for that enjoyment. This is some odd when playing the game you love most though, where there is the handling of input-services one could be choosy towards the punch-hole cutout area and by power block of vital in sequences. On joining the under settings the punch-hole could behave like a notch, there is a choice for you to cover the cutout under a black bar.

Surely the warm-welcomes of the screen the fixed in Nova 4, even if it’s courage is some less-punchy since QHD displays offer on high-rank smartphones while excluding it, display spreads-off well clutch on its owns alongside several further flagships pre or after in equal price scratch.


Performance of The Nova 4

No ranking in balance to the Nova 3, the shadowed Nova 4’s specs are matchless, have the distance from alarms and dreads. For the obligation,  Huawei has filled up this upper-mid-range phone with higher techs and features. The only notable upgrade for the specs from its pro fellow the Nova 3 is the 8GB RAM and an additional camera lens for the rear fixings.


The dual Nano-SIM connectivity, from that one, could be used for memory expansion via MicroSD card slot. The internet link leads to 4G LTE bands.

Discussions include the Kirin 970 is a powerful processor and takes a strong stand for seizing up of multi-tasks in daily routine. Also, its performances on the Nova 4 are swift with comparatively high RAM, while during the running of several apps at the equivalent period of time the device gets a bit slow. There is none of the jitters or the pauses while the gaming is on board; the smooth-running includes the enjoyment levels. The PUBG runs on Nova 4 over the peak settings creating nix fret and it reaches to supplementary heighten performance with having the equip the ‘GPU Turbo’.


The phone catches up some quantity of heat in a long way after an extra session of gaming, approximately to a bumpy stage. But when the phone has in its own case then it performs fine functions. The Nova 4 would dig up for you a full day appeal of exercise that engages a tad of game-playing, a rivulet of videos and uses social media entertainment.

You have hit upon the Huawei’s most up-to-date EMUI 9 on the peak of Android 9, known as the dirt-free edition of EMUI as far as this ever come in experience. A lot of useful features to make your routines relaxed via enables you by awarding easier, for instances, the nod support, presentation, and battery, while the applications are easily reached from first to last a by entering into the pre-installed background menu. Hi-Vision and Hi-Touch features have been put in for fast operations, the smartphone existence is effortless with the help of EMUI 9.0.

Get rid of old and boring ringtones, you find in previous eras, you should step forwards for fresh boundaries of enjoyment, the default ringtone option offers Video Ringtone which is the newest feature for entertainments through incoming calls on Nova 4.



The battery

Battery timing is remarkable; we simply contract a full day with severe uses while during working gets drained away by chance than this device could quickly be charged via within package fast charger.

 The Nova 4 has in its set-box in a respectable 3,750mAh battery that should get you through a day’s worth of use that involves a bit of gaming, streaming videos and surfing social media. We are confident in the case to put away the battery from first to last for its velocity during our full day busy moments with it.


Triple camera setup

 Discussing the cameras, the Nova 4 keeps one fewer selfie shooter on the frontage than its predecessor addition but adds an ultra wide angle lens on the rear. The front sports alone 25MP selfie camera that’s aligned to the left, which is lucky if it’s your best side but others might have to fiddle around with The AI could recognize or differentiate among 8 poles apart scenes, moreover it optimizes images in just click duration to boost the image quality if it gives expert The portrait receives a pixel resolution at 5760 x 4304. The onboard AI beautification allows for quick selfies but the processing is slightly too much for our taste. The camera app could be taken under use for the blur out of locality for the bokeh enabling. 

Compare the rear cameras configuration includes a 20MP main sensor adds a 16MP ultra-wide viewing lens further a 2MP optic as a depth sensor for the enhancement of bokeh effects. EMUI 9 also features numerous of AI possessions and image detection to attach a tap of elegance but supplementary over and over never put odd on shots results, the wind up seems to be not a glut-of-practice and twisted All the videos recording by means of EIS stabilizations to capture the moments that never come again is in your hand with ease.


Further, the 16MP ultra-wide lens put forwards a 117° angle lets you add a big scene in a single frame of creation. This is a blessing by Nova 4 to capture the landscape, group photos, and movie rerecording because the AI Video Expert is here. Original consequences are proved as eye-catching, mainly in the presence of maximum light in the region of treated object. The Super Night Mode implementation is too shows-out extraordinarily glowing, and it perfectly supervises to capture a large sum of details while when there is custody of blare. To the extent that first-class mid-range phones set off, the gorges Nova 4 confirms all the exact packages. It has molded gracious hardware in a stylish design with a slight stroke of originality. The cameras carry out to capture a sum of related aspects nearly in all situations; nevertheless, the AI dealing-out would receive or drop. HD+, and Hd video capturing at 30fps while the Selfie  HD leveled at 30 fps.


The price and colors of Nova 4

After the clear info via a source that it is available in one variant with 8GB RAM having an association with 128GB ROM storage, priced at $500.The body colors are four as the Aurora Blue, Red, White, and Black.


Our Diktat

Huawei awarded the Nova 4 an only some design modifies and as bonus improvements for the meaningful choices. The innovation and upgrading lovers should be in a hurry to empty the Huawei’s shelves decor of Nova 4. Yet, you have considered advancement gain against the Nova 3, then our good wishes refer investments for the same we reviewed.


Grim of Equips

Bloat-Ware as of EMUI could be irritating (a heavy software)

Old processor fixing like Nova 3


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